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Hey mom I’m bi…..


Well “for the purposes of this site” you may call me blondie1015 XP. So lets begin, my mother is a lesbian and I’ve grown up with having a gay mom my whole life. I always questioned whether I liked girls. When I was in preschool I had a girlfriend but to me that was normal until I got older. And that’s when I started being with boys. I liked and still do like boys but…there was one person, who was a female, that i couldn’t deny my attraction. It was so weird. And well, I’m with her now. We have an amazing relationship. It’s very solid and I’m not scared of anything when I’m with her. Being with her has allowed me to discover so many things about my self. Like the fact I’m attracted to other girls as well as boys. I guess you can call me bisexual but the funny thing is that i never used to believe in bisexuals. i thought it was just a comfort zone. like your able to be gay without having to fully admit it. but hey, look at me. so i guess I’m still trying to figure that out. As for my mom, she doesn’t understand at all!!! She thinks I’m one of those straight girls that just wants to ef with a gay girls emotions. (obviously not) my mom’s mom sat me down and had a long convo with me because she was scared for me. She said she couldn’t help me with anything because she can not imagine what it’s like being with a girl. and that i would be able to contract std’s more easily because how can you protect yourself if it’s two girls?? (I don’t even know really) My other grandma is super religious, I’m scared to even tell her…she looks at me as her perfect angel.. Judgments come from every end of the spectrum, even my mother who is gay cannot understand what it means to be “bisexual”. It still is sometimes hard because im torn between wanting a “normal” relationship (boy/girl) and wanting to be with the person i love so much. Sometimes it’s soo confusing. But in the end…she makes me happy. And shouldn’t that be all that matters?? Why does the world feel the need to get involved with other people’s relationships. geez loo-eez. well, i love her…and that’s my story 😉

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Comments on: "Hey mom I’m bi….." (7)

  1. Blondie1015 said:

    cool ;P Let me know how it goes 😉

  2. I haven’t told my parents but I’m sure they know because it’s on my Facebook and everything. I thought they’d bring it up but they haven’t, and I’m so annoyed I don’t want to. I’m also very, very scared of telling them. My nan is a bit homophobic so I don’t know what she’d feel towards bisexuals. Urg…
    Immy xx

    • Blondie1015 said:

      Hello ;P
      Well as a response to your comment I am going to tell you that it is “very, very scary” and it will probably always be. I was terrified but it sort of came out like “word vomit”. I said it with out thinking and I just wanted my mom to know, same for my grandma. After I told them I felt better because they knew what was going on with my life and hopefully they would be able to accept it, if not now, later. I think that if you want to tell your mom just bring it up casually in a conversation. I.E. ” Soo mom…I like someone…HER name is..” and then go from there (that would only work if you like some one). I think you should know that most people do not understand what a “bi sexual” is. People are just now accepting people who are attracted to the same sex. People that like both sexes is again something different. Our world is changing and I am sure people will begin to understand. Personally, I think that any one can be “bi sexual” because when it comes down to it, you really can not help who you like. I am a perfect example of that. So just tell your family when you are ready. Experience your life and relationships and one day there will be someone who will be worth it and you will not be afraid to let the world know 😉

      • Thanks, this helped loads! I’ll tell them when the moment is right, maybe the meal tomorrow! But yep, I think you’re right about the whole thing, it’d hard for people to understand but they’re starting to. Thanks =] xx

  3. i know you!!!!

  4. Starlight said:

    Just so you know they do make female condoms…So two girls can have safe sex.

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