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Gay Bashing…

So, I was at a “Coming Out Dance” a few days ago and the dance was interrupted by a gay bashing. According to my sources a gay man was socked in the face by heterosexual man ( I will leave race out of this ). Of course, I suspect the gay man was edging the heterosexual man on. However, why do you think socking someone in their face would solve anything? Also, what are you trying to prove by doing so?

Please, enlighten me, why do people resort to violence? Has our society not grown from the past? It is as if the “past is repeating” First, with the Woman’s Movement, then with desegregation of Blacks, and now with the LGBT community, all striving for acceptance. Must we have to go through such idiotic treatment because people still can’t get past their differences and just accept.

Lastly, I wanna leave with this,  just like Martin Luther King said, we must fight without using violence. We must use our minds to influence through words, politics, and movements. I cannot emphasize this enough.

Please, let me know your thoughts on this. If you know anyone that has been a victim of gay bashing please share their story. Also, if you feel as though gay bashing is appropriate then let me know why?

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  1. So I wonder if I am missing something by not knowing the context, but why do you say “I suspect the gay man was edging the heterosexual man on”? Depending on your response there is much to say on that thread…
    Fear is manifested by violence, not always but a great majority of time. Violence is imbedded within our American culture, for example we are involved in one offical war and another engagement, under the guise of religion, realized or hidden from public discourse. Us versus them. The difference is who is doing the defining and who is defined, there in resides the power.

  2. Violence is a very primal instinct. For humans, it seems that the fear of the unknown is quick way for our civility to go out the window & our primal instinct of fight of flight to kick in. However in the case of gay bashing, i think there is a societal influence as well. Unfortunately it was for too acceptable to beat the crap out of a “fag” in the past and even today it still creeps in here & there. Then of course, you have to see that most people in the world are not well educated, and open minded, or even narrow minded. It looks like these types of domestic violence and bullying are things that humanity will have to work at for as long as we live.

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