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Hey! Welcome yo!

Hmmm… where to start.. Well I guess I can introduce myself…

For the purposes of this site you can call me Bobby Suave™ :). With all honesty, I started this site as an experiment and it grew into something that I am truly proud of. I decided to make this site with the main purpose to give a place that is a safe haven for the LGBT(QI) Community, which is free of all dirty stuff, that is for kids of all ages. A place where stories  of different struggles are told that everyone can relate to, a place that allows people to discuss the un-discussable. Simply put, a place to talk. Why pink you say?? Cuz it makes you wanna look at it :P!

LGBT(QI): Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Sexual, Queer/Questioning, Hermaphrodite/Inter-sex

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I am looking for a writer who identifies as Bisexual! Please contact me if you are interested.

Well for starters, I am out and have been out for some time. I realized I had an attraction to the same sex when I was young, when I wasn’t sure what that attraction was. I accepted it when I was in high school, and then embraced my new-found self. Accepting that I was indeed attracted to the same sex was not an easy task at all. Actually, you can say I was an ass about it! I was one of those people who I now dislike –a person that viewed homosexuals as disgusting yet had an attraction to someone of the same sex. Basically I was an uptightassholehypocrite! What I find funny is that accepting my homosexuality has made me a better person 😛. Trust me, the new me is awesome in comparison to the old me XD.

Parents…. ugh… I don’t even what to get on that subject….

My parents know that I am attracted and identify my self as apart of the LGBT community, but refuse to accept it. In their eyes I am disrespecting and shaming them by choosing to live the way I am. It’s a trip! Growing up, to other parents I was looked upon as a perfect child but to my parents I was just as disgusting and bad as the next murderer/rapist on death row. I have tried every plan and play in the book to try to keep a relationship with my parents but in their eyes it’s an impossibility. My point of view is that things will get better once you no longer live in their house, or if are already out then things will get better as you keep trying to see and keep a relationship with your parents.

Well, there is my little snip-it. SO WELCOME!

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  1. Appreaciate for the work you have done into the article, it helps clear up some questions I had.

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