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I am back :)!

So… I haven’t been blogging lately :). I have been busy with my web design business.I have decided that I am going to try to add a forum to this site :).


So stay tuned.



Bobby 😛

Photo shoot!!

I am interested in taking some pictures to put on my blog. I am offering a free photo shoot to all of you (excludes prints, if you want any). The only thing that I ask is that you have your own transportation (I live near the INLAND EMPIRE, CA) and have an idea of what kind of pictures or theme your would like to take.

If you are interested please contact me XD.

Bobby XD

Video Podcast


If you live within 30 miles from the INLAND EMPIRE, CA and you would like to be involved in my video series please contact me!! Just go to my contact page and tell me that you are interested.  As of right now, I don’t have a set theme. Please, if you are feeling generous, help me come up with one. What is it that you want to see??

You make a better window than a door. on Twitpic (Random)

You make a better window than a door. on Twitpic.

You make a better window than a door.  on Twitpic

Funny Stuff 🙂

Fighting extremists with extremists?!

Family of Mixed African American and Native Am...

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On April 8th, 2011, TWO released a blog post called “ Discontinues Affiliation with JONAH in Response to Queerty Story & TWO’s Petition.”

Basically the post is about how TWO got a petition written up and signed (1,000 signatures) “calling on to discontinue their affiliation with JONAH.”

Quick definitions: JONAH is a known “anti-gay jewish organization; is an online grocery store.

The link at the top leads to the article.

Some of us are hitting our “enemies” back with the same treatment and opposition as we, the LGBT Community and even African-Americans, Native Americans and so on, had once received. To be in a huge world, where everyone is different, co-existence must be the #1 pushed idea and concept, as opposed to intolerance. Or else, I fear that history is definitely going to repeat itself.


This post is not a plea to change TWO’s actions and methods.

Summer is coming?!

For all you college students out there, summer is the season of fun!! XD What do you have planned? What are you looking forward to? What is your #1 goal on your list of awesome things to do this summer and why??

What is the benefit of asking these questions you ask?? 1) to start planning for summer, duh! XD. 2) I will feature your answers on my new page “Summer Fun”! Every two weeks there will be a new winner. So don’t give up :). So happy thinking and start sending those answers!

Finally, over 50% of America supports gay marriage!

The Washington Post/ABC news took a poll asking “Do you think it should be legal or illegal for gay and lesbian couples to get married?” Surely enough, the number of people who replied that gay marriage should be legal increased by 17 percent making it now 53%!

According to the “results indicate increased support from men, college-educated whites, political independents and participates who are not religious-affiliated.”

The poll was randomly conducted by phone from March 10 to 13 and sampled 1,005 adults.


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