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Homosexuality Facts/Opinions

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Well I found this site online that’s made to give youngsters, people who are in the questioning stages, some real life opinions on the Myths that society views as true.

I am directly copying from the person’s page. Don’t worry I will give credit where it is due. The page url is .

Now, I don’t agree with all of it cuz I have different views as I know many of my viewers do. So if you do not agree or you would like to add to some thing let me know.

Also, if there is a question or something that is not clarified on here just contact me with the question or the thing you want clarified and I would be glad to find some facts and/or give my opinion on it 🙂

My thoughts and opinions are in Bold Italic Font.

1. Myth.

Most lesbians or gays regard themselves as members of the opposite sex.


The majority, if not all gays and lesbians, are very happy with their gender. In many ways, their sexual identity is seen as a celebration and an affirmation of their gender, not rejection of it.

People often confuse homosexuality with transsexuality and or transvestism. Transsexual people feel as if they were born into the wrong body and should be the opposite gender. Transvestites are people who often dress in the clothing of the opposite sex.
Most transvestites are heterosexual.

I don’t think this fact appeals to every one, such as the Hermaphrodite/Intersex people. Here is a link of a story that might get the idea across. This post is amazing and even if you can’t relate you should read it. 😛

1. Myth.

Homosexuality is a form of mental illness and can be cured.


The American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its list of official mental illnesses in 1973. The American Psychological Association followed suit in 1974. And so have most Psychiatric and psychological associations around the world.

2.  Myth.

All lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people can be identified by certain mannerisms or physical characteristics.


Only a very small percentage of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people have stereotypic mannerisms and characteristics.
As with heterosexuals, homosexuals and transgender people come in many shapes, sizes and different colors. It is fair to say that some heterosexuals portray a variety of the so-called gay stereo typical characteristics.

3. Myth.

Lesbians and gays could be cured by having “good sex” with a member of the opposite gender.


Remember, you cannot cure homosexuality. Many gays and lesbians have had satisfying heterosexual sex in their life time, but most gays and lesbians would never choose to be sexually active with members of the opposite sex and would resent and challenge the idea that heterosexuals have a corner on the market of “good sex”.

High Five!! I so agree!! I believe that it’s not just the sex that keeps a person with the same sex, or vise versa, it’s the emotional connection.

4. Myth.

You are either heterosexual or homosexual. Very few are bisexual.


The studies of Dr Alfred Kinsey and his associates are most often cited on this question.
Their data suggests that, in fact, few people are predominately heterosexual or homosexual. Most people fall somewhere along the continuum between these two ends of the scale and have the capacity to experience both affection and sexual feelings for members of both sexes.

I’m sure, especially if you are in some sort of school, that this is very clear.

5. Myth.

Gay, Lesbian And bisexual people should not be teachers because they will try to convert their students to their life style.


It is impossible to convert heterosexuals to  homosexuals as it is just as impossible the other way around.
Based on what is known about sexual attraction, this is simply not possible.

I have a different opinion. From my experience, having a teacher that was falls in the LGBT(QI) community was the best teacher I had ever had. Not only were they incredibly intelligent, they kept their social life at home and were professional in the class room.

6. Myth.

The majority of child molesters are gay men and women.


Statistics have shown that pedophilia or child molestation are committed by mainly heterosexuals.
In fact, over 90% of all reported molestation are carried out by heterosexual men.

7. Myth.

No one knows what causes homosexuality.


This is a complicated and controversial issue.
To date there has been no real conclusive research that shows the causes of either homosexuality, bisexuality or for that matter, heterosexuality. Some believe it is predetermined genetically or hormonally. Others believe that we are all predisposed to all variations of sexual and affectionate behaviour and learn our sexual orientation.

8. Myth.

In a homosexual relationship, one partner usually plays the role of the husband and the other plays the role of the wife.


This is not necessarily so. Most gay and lesbian couples work to develop relationships based on principles of equality and mutuality where they are loved for who they are and not for the roles they play.
This comes back to stereotypical role play. They are usually just two men sharing roles and two women sharing roles.

I agree. I believe that most LGBT relationships mutual. To be honest I don’t think there is much of a difference between LGBT relationships and Heterosexual relationships, from experience. In most heterosexual relationships now a days do not have the traditional strong man and sensitive woman. Now its leaning towards more sensitive men and more strong women. In most relationships women take on some of the “Husband” qualities, vise versa. Just like in LGBT relationships the roles are dispersed, rarely equally distributed, between the two. I guess you can say one complete the other or opposites attract.

9. Myth.

One homosexual experience as an adolescent will play a large part in determining whether a Person will be homosexuality orientated as an adult.


Many gay and lesbian people have had early heterosexual experiences but identify as gay or lesbian. This is said for many heterosexual people who have had sexual experiences with a person of the same sex but continue to define themselves as heterosexual.
Sexual orientation for most people goes well beyond just sexual acts.

10. Myth.

Homosexuality does not Exist in nature, therefore it is not natural.


Historians tell us that homosexuality has existed since the earliest of human societies. Anthropologists report that homosexuals have been a part of every culture.
One study of non-western cultures, reported that 64% of the respondents considered homosexuality as “normal and socially acceptable”.

It is also a well-known fact that same sex behaviour is “natural” between animals.

Dude!!! Don’t tell me you have never seen two male dogs doing it. Never happens in nature my ass!!!

11. Myth.

All gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people choose that way of life.


The only place where choice seems to come into play is when they decide how they will acknowledge their identity. Choosing if and how to ‘come out’ and choosing who to tell.


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