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Fighting extremists with extremists?!

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On April 8th, 2011, TWO released a blog post called “ Discontinues Affiliation with JONAH in Response to Queerty Story & TWO’s Petition.”

Basically the post is about how TWO got a petition written up and signed (1,000 signatures) “calling on to discontinue their affiliation with JONAH.”

Quick definitions: JONAH is a known “anti-gay jewish organization; is an online grocery store.

The link at the top leads to the article.

Some of us are hitting our “enemies” back with the same treatment and opposition as we, the LGBT Community and even African-Americans, Native Americans and so on, had once received. To be in a huge world, where everyone is different, co-existence must be the #1 pushed idea and concept, as opposed to intolerance. Or else, I fear that history is definitely going to repeat itself.


This post is not a plea to change TWO’s actions and methods.

Why don’t we do this?! Everyone else does?!

In the corporate word people of the same race and ethnicity tend to do business with each other; Blacks tend to business with other Blacks, Latinos with other Latinos, whites (or excuse me Caucasian) with other whites, Asians with other Asians. People of the same religion tend to do business with each other also. Why don’t we do the same?? So many people of the LGBT community need the help and support people like them. Why don’t we work together as the other do??

I’m very interested in really looking into this. I want to start a revolution (figuratively). Tell me your thoughts on this subject.

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