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Names from the Preserve Marriage Petition are out.

Approve Referendum 71

Image by dreamsjung via Flickr

Washington state released the names of the people who signed a petition to bring a domestic partnership law to a public vote two years ago with Referendum 71.

The judge reasoning behind it is, ” if Protect Marriage could get around the Public Records Act ‘by simply providing a few isolated incidents of profane or indecent statements, gestures, or other examples of uncomfortable conversations … disclosure would become the exception instead of the rule.”

Of course, the people who signed this petition are scared of hostility that would be made towards then so they are trying to appeal this rule.

If you are going to sign a petition to prohibit certain people from doing what makes them happy to make your self feel more secure then you should be able to accept the whatever hostility that may come towards you. Why sign the petition if you can’t admit openly that you signed it? Cowardly-much?

Wanna read more? Click here for the article.

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