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Video Podcast


If you live within 30 miles from the INLAND EMPIRE, CA and you would like to be involved in my video series please contact me!! Just go to my contact page and tell me that you are interested.  As of right now, I don’t have a set theme. Please, if you are feeling generous, help me come up with one. What is it that you want to see??

New Gay Anthem?? Possibly.

IMG_0551 "Lady GaGa"

Image by SpreePiX - Berlin via Flickr

Here is the new Lady Gaga song “Born This Way”. People are calling it the “Gay Anthem.” What do yo think?

Enjoy 😛

Featured Site of the Week 8/15

Featured Site of the Week: Newgrounds

I found a great site for Flash Professionals, Musicians, Artists and the like. It is great. 🙂 Not only does it serve as a networking resource, it gives great entertainment. :).

Check it out! Click Here

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